Here you can find all news regarding the GertieGanes and new products.

The GertieGane manual

We have a manual for the GertieGane! In there you can find information for every GertieGane and for what purpose you can use them.


The possibilities for therapy have arrived from yesterday to today and will prepare the tomorrow. The Gienows set a milestone in the digital world with their "Qodes for Health". Its a digitalised alternative medicine which is easy to use.

A intelligent companion for your daily live. With three different symptoms or descriptions of your problems you will get a Qode that will bring you change and recovery. From Q-Health Africa to Q-Health4u. With this change we want, together with our awesome team, to reach many people from all over the world. Please check out the website of the Gienows as well: the Gienowmethode.

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