Gertie Gienow

no one knows where she came from and no one knows where she goes. She is an inventor, a healer, an artist, an author, a musician among others. But most importantly she is a wanderer between different realms. She especially has taken a liking to Earth and that's the reason why she uses her endless miracoulus kettle of love so that everyone can take part in reality and make our planet shine.

Highlights from 30 years of working:

  • Invention of Qode for Health, implementation Peter Gienow
  • Idea for the QodeApp, Implementation Florimond Gienow, Peter Gienow and the Qode for Health Team
  • Invention of the GertieGanes, development of the webiste Florimond Gienow
  • Invention and implementation of the GertieGraphy
  • Invention and implementation of the project bookaroundtheworld


  • GertieGane manual
  • and a lot of books in German


Over 600 paintings including GertieGane, GertieGene, wallpapers

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