Feedback of patients

49 - Concierge


Epileptic patient who gets into an extreme stressful situation and produces massive dropouts (preliminary stage that she feels before an attack), no improvement despite medical emergency drugs. With the finger position and the concierge, the dropouts are immediately reduced, supported by rest, the dropouts are completely gone by evening.

Thank you!

48 - Golden Eagle

Cancer of a pharynx tonsil. A complicated operation was imminent, where healthy tissue could not be separated so easily from diseased tissue.

She burned the first picture, was too scared.

"The golden eagle is talking to me now:

I keep seeing several faces in the picture And a shaman A kind of Indian with a helmet like a link up. And other. The more I look at it, the more I see. It develops with me. It's a wonderful communication.

It helps me to ground myself and to come to me again and again. Otherwise I always had to organize and do everything, I'm such a doer. Now I am learning to be more calm. At the first LockDown I was still very scared, how is all this supposed to work. Now I am calm and know that everything is fine. The golden eagle has taken on the role of looking after me. He protects me and takes care of me and gives me orientation. He hangs there and now and then we meet. Even with cancer, I'm no longer afraid at all. I am completely calm and confident. "

47. Male patient, 78 years

Will be admitted to hospital on June 7th, 2020 with an acute collapse. Diagnosis on 06/09/20 The laboratory values ​​show anemia, anemia, as if from blood loss. A gastroscopy (EGD) is then performed. This results in a bleeding suspicious tumor spot in the esophagus. 3ml Suparenin 1: 10000 is injected to stop the bleeding. The bleeding stops.

Diagnosis on 06/10/20 The control reflection revealed a tumor in the esophagus (non-stenosing exophytic tumor). The adjacent lymph nodes are swollen, the inflammation values ​​are not increased. Large axial hernia. Good closure of the gastric entrance (cardia). Diagnosis: T 3 esophageal carcinoma with involvement of the lymph nodes

On June 10th, the healing image Mario Magen and DoniDonut is hung up in the patients room so that the patient can always look at it.

Diagnosis on June 17th, 2020

The control reflection showed Barrett's metaplasia, extension C3 M5, no apparent malignancy. Cancer becomes the precursor of cancer. During the round, the doctor also looks at the GertieGane and asks about it. When looking at DoniDonut, it occurs to him that he could also determine vitamin B12 and thus another cause of anemia is uncovered, a pernicious one

At the same time, a 61-year-old male patient with a diagnosis of gastric cancer was admitted to the patient's room. This patient was also discharged because there was no more cancer at a check-up on June 17th, 2020, only benign changes.

46. Joy Radio

love ...,

I haven't had any dizziness for a few days and I feel good all over - also in my head ... The picture is still on my desk so that I keep looking at it. Thank you for your help

45. Gertiegane memory (skin)

The 23-year-old friend of our youngest daughter has had tissue striae in his skin for many years (weak connective tissue), although he is slim and very athletic. In summer you can clearly see the cracks, as it tends to tan quickly and the stripes stay white. He asked me if I could think of anything. I recommended that he order the GertieGane Memory and download it as a wallpaper on his cell phone. He looked at me a little confused. I told him that this might seem a bit unusual, but he could just try it out and maybe he could "tell" the picture to heal him. So he said: "Hey cool that you exist, I now like to put you as a background image on my Iphone, then I very often during the day, whenever I look at my cell phone" He looked at me a little skeptically, but then he said “OK, then I'll just do it like that and then take a look” ;-)

Several months have passed since then, summer is here and lo and behold - the stripes can no longer be found. Totally beautiful!

44. Here is a feedback from the 84 year old Katharina:  

Due to a rheumatic disease (polymyalgia) with relapsing pains throughout the body, she has been taking high doses of coritsone for years. I showed her the miniprint Dr. PainFreeLady,MD and immediately she feels an attraction and something positive that comes from the picture.  

After 2 weeks I see her again and her pain is gone, she does not quite trust that, but she is surprised. She was able to reduce cortisone to 5 mg without any problems and continues to reduce the dose. She had never overcome a polymyalgia rush that easily.  

She says:

"Dr. PainFreeLady,MD does more than just take the pain away. It makes me somehow inwardly light and relaxed! A cascade of good comes over me when I look at it, just a good feeling."

43. Through FinGing, I came to the hexagram Tong Ren and became aware of my tongue and speech. To support the process, I chose GertieGan Tonsils because I lost them and the tongue is given a lot of space in this healing image. After diving deep into the GertieGan pain started on my right side like i had an tonsillitis, which spread to a catarrh feeling on the whole right side of the face in a short time . The nose was closed, the eye wet and the head thick. The neck felt like my tonsillitis earlier. In my ear an incredible noise began to roar, as if the whole cosmos announced itself in a storm. Strangely enough, I stayed calm and could watch everything from the outside. In the evening, the cosmos gradually faded with its noise and the next morning everything was over. In the days after, I felt particularly good and energetic, very clear speaking and often found the right words for needy clients. As if a cleansing storm had blown through me.

42. A patient that has been suffering from chronic pain had the GertieGane "Dr. PainFreeLady,MD" for a while now. Since having the GertieGane she rarely had any pain at all and there are even times when she doesn't have pain. She explained today that when the pain builds up over the day, in the evening she crawls into the GertieGane like into a painfree coat and feels wrapped and protected. She then doesn't need painkillers and can sleep careless. While being in this state of protection she was reminded of an church song which she remembers dearly: Maria wides the coat for us, make umbrella and shield from it for us. With the song in her ear she can now sleep well.

41. After the wedding a client's husband had changed his behavior and he claimed his right to have sex. This has activated the pattern of old attacks by other partners and created a bladder infection.

She gets "WhippingElli" and talks to him. At the same time a miasmatic treatment takes place.

The bladder infection goes away and "WhippingElli" mends the relationship and makes it harmonic again. The husband now acceps her needs and together they have a beautfiul time as well as sexually. Her ex-boyfriend shows up in her dream and for the first the she can tell him NO and that he isn't allowed to be there.

"WhippingElli" miraculously helped solve the old problems, we are amazed!

40. With this feedback we can see how the GertieGanes work together:

A 60-year-old patient has a mineralization disorder with his teeth and gets Caries in a lot of places at the same time. She worked with "AnAppleADay" without anything of note happening.

She decides to buy the "Geniuses" intuitively to better understand them as a therapist. She looks at it and makes contact with it. She immediately feels how a protective layer wraps itself aroung her teeth. The next time she looks at it the picture she finds a completely different acces to the picture than before. It smiley at her. In the next step she will the geniuses-qode and more progress will happen.

39. A 50-year-old woman has problems in all her joints. She already was treated with "S. Trinity" and "Odins Crow". She sees in all GertieGanes worlds that are everchanging. She has a very intense and spritual acces to the GertieGanes and gained already many levels of freedom throug them. The "BossJoint" showed her a way from darkness to the light. Amongst many mental problems she also solves the problems with her joints in a few weeks, aside from a small pain in her knee.

38. A patient with a herniated disc recovers very well with "Bodyguard". She looks at it again and again and finds movement patterns that are good for her back. The 5 Tibetans and daily walking in the forest now easily integrates them into her live. Since she has a seated working position, she gets herself a height adjustable desk with which makes working better for her back. She only has problems with her back if she ignores everything and does not pay attention to good working conditions. She is learning a new communication with her body.

37. woman has a lot of tension in her mouth, it feels like her gums are pulling back —> while looking at "SmarTees" she always has to smile, and in the next few days the tension is lessening and the gums aren't a problem anymore.

36. A four year old boy has a creeping cold and a running nose, get's shown "St. Trinity" —> cold didn't progress further or had a short duration. Friday morning he his nose was running again —> was shown "St. Trinity" again and the cold is now completley gone. Mother is impressed.

35. A patient has suicidal thoughts and has been surrounded by violence and been cheated everywhere. The Qothematics results in the 121-God in his turn to man. Vanadium is the associated element and is present in the uterus. She gets Vanadium and "EarthAngel" MiniPrint.   Thus, the topic comes to the fore that the pregnancy with her was not wanted and she was already rejected as an embryo and left from her body then.   Violence had not occurred.   She is now gradually getting the 9 primary elements as Restoration Qodes to make up for this embryonic phase. The picture of "LovelyChildren" has been around for a long time. This will be activated again.

34. A woman who had a vision with Odin's Raven: many entities were in a kind of gathering together and a Qode appeared. It was very holy. She learned that she always had 2 ravens on her shoulders and can now always talk to them. Now and then they fly away, but they keep coming back.

In the Trinity, she sees a pyramid that was already present in her body in exactly the same colors, at the position of the thymus gland. She can go there again and again and see how the light is broken through this pyramid, both in one direction and the other, like a prism and as a mediator between two worlds.

She can now accept her clairvoyance and other people will respond. She has gained distance from people who do not understand her and is so much more relaxed. All the tension is gone. She looks happy and relaxed.

33. A 60-year-old female patient had pelvic pain during treatment with Qodes and was given "EarthAngel" to counter it. She didn't respond to it but instead saw "WhippingElli" freshly printed on the table and this GertieGane called to her. She immediately was infatuated with it and told a story from her past. In her youth she suffered many urinary tract infections. She told me the story of her great-grandfather, who was a coachman and who was sent to jail for a whipping a thief he wanted to drive off his cart.
After some time, the abdominal pain disappeared completely without coming back. This was a story of a relationship loosend up for her a little, from which she was very hurt, but she gave her GertieGan a different name - very creative!

32. A patient is very attracted to the GertieGanen, she says, she feels the infinite love in these pictures. Intuitively, she chooses the pearl necklace.

She first feels internal resistance when looking at it. These resistances dissolve when they discover that the red blood cells have lost their nucleus. It fills her with more and more hope and she begins to feel a center within herself. When she is close to the GertieGane, she feels peace and love and is at home. Another insight overwhelms her: all the old conditioning is contained in the core and now it can be free.

With her new conscious center, many polarizations dissolve, that previously drove her to have many arguments over and over again. Now she just looks at it, recognizes the old conditioning and looks at it from a new standpoint in peace. Wonderful.

31. I'm glad and thankful for the GertieGane. Especially at the moment I like to work with the "Moth". It helps me mostly for the night and allows me for a better breathing through the nose. I have created a small album booklet with the GertieGane I bought and with my current favorites from the "Fingerapotheke", which I always carry with me and use if desired and needed. I enjoy watching the beautiful, lovingly painted pictures. Besides, they do me good!

30. A woman was very afraid to show off her thoughts and opinions because she had been so often misunderstood. With the "St. Trinity", she begins to perceive synchronicities, and there are many opportunities to speak with people who understand her. She comes out of herself and finds like-minded people. She is no longer afraid to show herself and at the same time she is able to protect herself better, because she is able to assess situations better and simply leaves them to others if they are dangerous for her energy system. In an emergency situation, she can react well and manage everything.

29. A woman suffers from the feeling of still having a residual urine in the bladder after urinating. After being treated with "WhippingElli", this feeling dissipates completely for a few days and everything is normal. After that a ischial pain activates from an old wound she got in an accident two years ago. She then gets "Bodyguard" to work together with "WhippingElli". The blockade in her bladder then disappears.

28. A little boy who came in for treatment with his very worried mum, because he repeatedly developed highly threatening body conditions. He chose the protective image of loneliness and got Qodes.
"The boy is currently very bright, happy, much more childlike and less sensible than he has been so far, so we feel he is much more in his midst."

27. A mother wrote: Our little daughter was suffering from strong anxiety. She got the GertiGane "EarthAngel" and we hung it up over her crib. In the evening, she says to her dad, "Dad, look (she pointed to the GertieGane picture) this is inside of me" and she points to her stomach. My husband was totally flashed because the "EarthAngel" represents the uterus on earth, but our little daughter could not know that!

26. A patient suffers from severe migraine since she had massive orthodontic surgery in her childhood . She ordered the two GertieGane "StartUpDesigner" and "Dr. PainFreeLady". She noticed that the migraine was starting to come and decided to look at "StartUpDesigner" for a while. The migraine did not get stronger and even went away. Two days ago the migraine returned. Again she just looked at the GertieGan "StartUpDesigner" and the migraine disappeared!

25. A middle-aged woman with chronic pain in the lumbar region (after coccyx fracture and herniated disc) and in the intercostal space used "Bodyguard" and the "StartUpDesigner" for a week at the hospital. She was very enthusiastic about the pictures and described while looking at "StartUpDesigner" a feeling of a loving embrace. With "Bodyguard" (spine), she could go into her body and the colors in the picture began to shine where her discomfort was. She was able to benefit from the stay as a whole.

24. A 60-year-old teacher has complaints such as biliary colic and is very angry. So always look at "FrontmanFilter" when she looks up. It hangs at her desk, where she works every day. Since then, she has no more complaints with her liver! And she describes: my anger is transformed into wisdom. She has a lot more distance from her emotions and is equanimous.

23.Man with Helicobacter gastritis
Super Mario is lying next to the bed, he feels good. Whole stomach region relaxed, no more pain. Less inhibited, feels more alive. Gastric pain then appears milder than before, but shows much more clearly its emotional connections, which can now be processed.

22. My "Moth" has become very important for me. I often have a cold or have problems with the sinuses or my teeth at the beginning of a cold. It then always hurts in my whole face. When I last had a cold the "Moth" helped me very much even without using medicines. I looked at it all afternoon and evening and the next day the pain was gone. I know it's hard to understand this but for me the GertieGane work. When I had a torn muscle fiber the "Caller" helped me. After a few days the pain wasn't that painful anymore and healed very quick. My physiotherapist told me so as well. She said it got unusually fast better.

21. A 78-year old man had a heart attack, while he was operated on, because he has a aortic aneurysm. He has then been relocated to another hospital where he had another surgery. He didn't revover well from the surgeries and was very weak. He now looks daily at "GammaEgg" and has a feeling of confidence that his heart will regenerate. This feeling got steadily stronger and he really felt better. After six weeks he was back to his old self. All sings of heart failure are gonne and he still looks at "GammaEgg" and is filled with gratitude.

20. When I was a child I had my tonsils removed because they were infected. That’s the reason I am looking at “Authenzia”. Cute little creatures appear before me, lead me and are quite funny as well. They remind me of my childhood, of being happy and carefree. On the next day after driving with the bike my right eye hurts. In the following days it grew to being a swollen and red inflammation of my eyelid. Even my retina was affected and in the end I couldn’t see much. Through finger gestures, Q-Health and the GertieGane “the Diviner” my eye got better. That reminded me of my childhood and the inflammation of my tonsils. I once had a sty in my right eye. My mother sterilized a needle and pricked it open. Through this memory some other things are also happening and lead me to my next GertieGane, “OdinsCrow”.

19. A women with loose teeth whose teeth should have been pulled pushed the date a few weeks back and got the GertieGane "Smartees":

Question: How is your teeth project coming along and the communication with the GertieGane?

Answer:Well I have the impression that it is changing my teeth. My canine teeth wobbles not so much anymore. "Smartees" ist getting more colorful und intensive.

18. The divine power that emanates from your paintings is a blessing. They inspired me already back then when I looked at the heart painting. Then I got an idea to use my LUX songs for them (LUX songs are healing songs consisting of simple melodies and earworms you won't get rid of). Those songs have always helped me to open my channel of healing.

My current problem are my teeth so the "Smartees" was the perfect GertieGane for me. Especially the three sentences "Sei still, bevor du sprichst! Entspanne, bevor du handelst! Und lache so oft du kannst!" (Be quiet before you talk! Relax before you act! And laugh as often as you can!) resonated with me very well. Through them I made myself a lot of affirmations and so that I don't forget the sentences I made them into a song. And thus was born a new LUX song.

Every day walking the dog through the forrest I sing those three sentences. And thats the good thing about an earworm- I can't stop singing it…

What joy!


17. A women watches the GertieGraphy video and is very excited about it and decides to draw herself a word. A beautiful experience. On the next day she draws "Let go" a word that suits her but is disappointed that it doesn't work. She tells her doctor about that who in return tells her how the GertieGraphy works and that she needs an original because they are connected to the godly channel and for now she shouldn't create them herself. When the cells start to shine or the human stears towards enlightenment the calligrapher can draw it himself. When the elightenment and the love is big it is possible to draw them but before that all problems should be solved.

16. A colleague told us about a patient with a stroke and heart palpitation:
A milk farmer and herbalist has been using the GertieGane "GammaEgg" recently and is very happy and very enthusiastic about it. She often has problems with her heart and has a high heart rate. She works a lot and is a very kind person. Since working with the GertieGane she often retreats to a quieter place in her house and works with "GammaEgg". Before she never took time for herself. It's a big progress for such a busy woman and calms her heart. Now she wants a PowerAnimal painting for her cows.

15. A colleague told us this:
By intuition a patient gets shown the GertieGane "GammaEgg" because the patient has been not very communicative for many years although coming to the doctor's office for a long time. After a few minutes of talking she breaks out into tears and finally talks about her feelings. The patient wants to take the "GammaEgg" with her and wants to keep working with it.

14. Feedback of a patient who has scabies and works with the GertieGraphy "Stop"

My inner resonance was very interesting after the call we had where I was at the early intervention for the boys family. There were a lot of intensive resonances around me and in my crown chakra and my whle body shivered on my way back. Joy, Laughter, intensive joy to live. After I picked up my GertieGraphy I had diner. While eating I had intense heartbeating and felt it through my whole body.

While meditating and looking at the GertieGraphy and tracing it with my finger I noticed a energy in my heart and in my stomach and after that in my whole body.

I still see the writing when I close my eyes and still feel the vibrations of my finger tracing the word.

In the beginning my finger was quite fast in tracing the word but kept getting slower. I switched between my left and right hand. Sometimes I added the line of the T later sometimes already while tracing it. It felt better doing the line of the T in one stroke and keep up the tracing while going back to the S of "Stop". It took some time getting used to the black color, I would've perferred a dark purple but black works also.

13. After an accident with a bike, I bruised my wrist which led to a restriction in movement and pain. I worked with "Eenie Menie" a lot. While working with it I felt a healing flow going through my wrist. My wrist is now better and I can move it again without pain. Now I rarley have a pain in my wrist while under strain.

12. A non-believing woman got the "Concierge" because she had a really bad migraine with vision loss. At first glance her mind was overloaded because she had a lot to deal with. After six months she told us that her vision loss never came back since she got the "Concierge". She hung it up and always looked at it when walking by. She herself was suprised and didn't even realize that she got better. She even talked about all the stuff on her mind and was much more relaxed.

11. A patient (old lady) called in today because she wanted to be read the text on one of the GertieGanes. She started working with the GertieGane SmashShield (Thyroid) in December 2017. Before that she had been told to have a surgery on the thyroid. She also got the recommendation to get the "SmashShield". She decided not to have the surgery and bought the "SmashShield" and had it now a whole year.

Upon request she told us her experience with it. The GertieGane gave her comfort and realized that she needs to structure her life differently, which she did.

Her work with the GertieGane is very intense and personal and leads her to a higher conscience. She doesn't want to do without the "SmashShield" anymore. Her results are better and she doesn't need to do surgery anymore.

When she is excited she easily gets problems with her colon. She realizes that her colon and the thyroid are in direct contact and that organs are connected. After that she got herself a "HarryAnalytic"(colon).

She told us that she values the texts on the paintings very high and that those texts give her a access to her organ. A medical colleague told us about a women who broker her wrist and decided to not have surgery. Instead she had cast and decided by herself to work with the GertieGane "EenieMeenie"(wrist). We will hear from her in a few moths.

10. A women had chronic pain. She realy likes water and nature. By looking at "Dr. PainFreeLady, MD" she feels like she is drawn to the white gaps. She sees a waterfall in this painting through which she can go to a beautiful world in which she has no pain. Since being treated with "Dr. PainFreeLady, MD" and the Miasmatics with Qodes her living conditions steadily changed to the better and many good things happened to her. She realizes that she can't stand the energy of the city with so many people. She realizes she can regenerate in the nature. She now even has an affordable appartment.

9.After the treatment of an patient a therapist had the same symptoms that the patient had, who had a sinusitis. In the following session with a different patient the symptoms of the therapist kept getting stronger. The therapist remembered the GertieGane "Moth" which helps with this kind of sickness. She visualized the painting in her mind and immediately her nose was running. All that thanks to "Moth".

8. A patient from a doctor's office has leucocytes in her urin. She worked with the GertieGane Nina Niere and over night the inflammation went away. Her results went back to normal.

7. A case of scabies in a family from Germany, treated with Loneliness
The client to this day hasn't been infected with scabies thanks to the GertieGane Loneliness and ordered another GertieGane.

6. My teeth have been a problem for me for a long time. As a child I have been to dentists a lot and no matter how often I brushed my teeth I always had caries. I got a lot of amalgam for my teeth and in my twenties I got dental crownes. Recently almost all of my crownes fell out and my teeth are now open. I tried fixing them myself but that didn't work so well. It happens that food gets in those open teeth and inflammates which hurts like hell. This time it was really bad. The inflammation went all the way to my temple. My mind was getting more and more hazy over time and I couldn't stand the pain anymore. My therapist qthemated my symptoms and got the value 206. I looked at GammaEi and noted that the inflammation slowly went away. At first my mind wasn't so clouded anymore and the inflammation in my temple went away. On the second day I could eat like I always could. And last night I slept like I last did 20 years ago. Thanks for this wonderful medicine that Gertie Gienow gave this world. Thanks GammaEi!

5. A 80 year old man gets the GertieGane "Memory" and "FrontmanFilter". He is a patient from a doctor's office and has skin cancer. A surgery wound of his doesn't heal. After getting Memory the inflammation went away and his wound finally closed and dried off. Other locations with cancer on his skin dried off. According to him the GertieGane is the most effective treatment he ever got to know.
Update: The patient with skin cancer kept working with "Memory" and "FrontmanFilter" and his wounds on his skin kept getting better. His results are also better and he doesn't need an surgery right now.

4. Loneliness and Protection
A women gets the GertieGane Loneliness because she feels lonely and without protection. Her lifelong partner fell in love with with someone else and begins a new relationship. As she looks at the painting she sees in the two dots over the arc the new heavenly shining couple. She sees herself in the faint dot below the arc, abandoned, powerless, faded. She can't look at it any longer and returns the painting.

3. A women with non-Hodgkins lymphom looks at the stem cell and two chromosomes. After looking at the stem cell she has the impression of it speaking to her: this sickness is stronger than you. And then she decides to do chemotherapy.

2. A women gets "GammaEgg" to treat her heartache. She then realises that she suffers vicariously with her son and her husband who are aren't feeling very well and that she takes a lot of responsibility for both of them. She takes the responsibility so that everyone get better. After that she tries to organize things differently and does excercises to be more herself and distribute the chores more so she doesnt need to do everything herself. After a few weeks the whole family feels better and and are happier. The women has no heartache.

1. Dr. PainFreeLady,MD
A women suffers from chronical pain and polymyalgia rheumatica which is a special form of rheumatism. She got Frau Dr. Seltsam and sees in the painting blood and barbed wire but it gets lighter and more hopeful. She also remembers that her father was held in a prisoner of war camp and never told anything about it but apparently was traumatised by it. At first her pain got better, but after a while the pain came back and it was so bad you could say it was like the worst torture. After being qthemated she got the code DQ55 that helped her for a few days but the pain came back again. Now she's working with a roomclearin qode and the pain keeps getting better. She's getting pain free like a miracle.

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