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Since the research of renowned scientists like Einstein, Heisenberg, Planck and many more after them our universe is upside down because we lost our impartiality. The believe that our universe is how it is became the believe that the universe is what we take it for. The quantum world is at fault for this and we inevitably move towards the quantum world. A world beyond the atoms, a world full of quarks and leptons, a world of quanta and their entanglements. Entanglements work like links to data stored in the cloud that can be downloaded when we need it and an internetconnection exists. Like this exist quantal entanglements with the original form of everything that is. But no matter how hard we try to break away from those entanglements we can't, because we always will be connected to our maker, that's what quantum mechanics wants. But instead of breaking away from the original form we could learn to reactivate them, because they are more perfect than we are. We are marked by sickness, loss and failure.

That's the path Gertie Gienow took. With her GertieGanes and GertieGenes she establishes a link to the original forms of the process of creation. Through the GertieGane we can see how we were meant to be before we changed through contempt and abuse of our own existence. That's because behind all disease and damage we went through we still are healthy. The GertieGanes and GertieGenes remind us of our own well-being and that someome sometime made us up with a lot of love and gave us a heart and a soul. That someone sent us into being alive with the best regards and gave us a life we should make our own. If we lose our way into our own life the GertieGanes and GertieGenes help us remind how we were meant to be with love and rapture. With the GertieGanes and GertieGanes we can find a way back along the quantal entanglements to a inventive universe full of endless possibilities, as we are meant to be. This way we can save ourselves and shape ourselves once again. The GertieGanes and GertieGenes bestow those opportunities on us. This is pure science and pure poetry.

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